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Consolidation of Ontario Superior Court Actions

Efficiency is a key goal in Litigation. It saves the parties’ money, helps to resolve disputes quicker and saves the court resources. The goal of efficiency can be met in many ways. One way that sometimes arises is in a … Continue reading

Setting aside a Default Judgment in the Ontario Superior Court of Justice

On a motion to set aside a default judgment, the court considers a number of factors including the following key factors: @ whether the motion was brought promptly after the defendant learned of the default judgment; @ whether the defendant … Continue reading

Crown Appeals from Acquittal (Ontario Law)

The Crown has a right to appeal an acquittal in Ontario, but it is restricted to questions of law alone. Questions of law include such matters as: @ misinterpretation or misapplication of salient legal standards, including the elements of the … Continue reading

Guilty Pleas in Ontario Criminal Proceedings

There are a number of decisions open to an accused in a criminal proceeding. One is whether to take the case to trial or plead guilty and give up the right to trial. As a person pleading guilty, it is … Continue reading