Monthly Archives: April 2016

Costs in Ontario Estates Litigation

In Ontario Estates Litigation, the historical approach to costs has been displaced in favour of one in which the costs rules in civil litigation apply both at first instance and on appeal, unless the court finds that one or more … Continue reading

The Presumption of Innocence in Canadian Criminal Proceedings

The presumption of innocence lies at the very heart of Canadian Criminal Law. Although protected expressly in s. 11 (d) of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms (the “Charter”) the presumption of innocence is referable and integral to the … Continue reading

Long Term Offenders in Canadian Criminal Proceedings

Section 753.1 of the Criminal Code of Canada governs Long Term Offender (LTO) applications. A court may find an offender to be a long-term offender if: + It would be appropriate to impose a prison sentence of 2 years or … Continue reading