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911 calls

The importance of the police duty to protect life warrants and justifies a forced entry into a dwelling in order to ascertain the health and safety of a 911 caller. The public interest in maintaining an effective emergency response system … Continue reading

Evidence in a Criminal Trial

To be receivable in a criminal trial each piece of evidence must satisfy three requirements: relevance materiality admissibility These requirements are cumulative. Evidence that comes up short on any requirement is excluded from considerationĀ  by the trier of fact. William … Continue reading

Self-represented Accused

A Self-represented accused in criminal proceedings is entitled to a level of assistance from the court. There is at least a minimum level of assistance that is required in order to ensure that the accused obtains a fair trial. The … Continue reading


The crime of conspiracy requires not merely the intention of two or more persons to do an unlawful act, but the agreement to do so. There must be an agreement to act together in pursuit of mutual criminal objectives. To … Continue reading