Monthly Archives: July 2011

Contracts and Economic Duress

An important ingredient to a binding contract is the consent of the parties or “a meeting of the minds of the parties.” However when that alleged meeting of the minds is procured by practices /pressure the law deems unacceptable there … Continue reading

To litigate or not?

The decision to commence a civil action in the Superior Court of Justice must not be taken lightly. Although all the facts of the case may not be present early in the case, you must review the facts you have … Continue reading

Garnishment Proceedings to be exercised with care

Creditors must be careful when exercising garnishment enforcement proceedings .Certain¬†amounts are deemed ungarnishable by the law. For example under S.143.1 of the Courts of Justice Act of Ontario, no benefit, allowance or assistance paid under the Family Benefits Act or … Continue reading

Evictions of residential tenants for illegal acts

Tenants must take care to ensure that activities carried out in their residential premises do not constitute an illegal act. Ontario Landlords have the right to apply for an eviction order based on the ground of illegality. A criminal charge … Continue reading

The Charter of Rights and Freedoms

The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms outlines fundamental rights and freedoms of the person. Many of us have these freedoms but take them for granted because they are a given that are there for us every day. However if … Continue reading