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Ontario Small Claims Court

There are a number of court levels in Civil proceedings in Ontario. Small Claims court is at the low end of the Court pyramid but over the years has become an increasingly busy court with more responsibility. As of January … Continue reading

Parents taking responsibility for their Children

Ontario has a statute entitled The Parental Responsibility Act, 2000.This Act holds parents financially responsible for property loss, damage or destruction intentionally caused by their children who are under 18 years old. Victims who have suffered a loss are allowed … Continue reading

Dog Bites

Our family pets are often loving in our house and just another member of the family. However their loving disposition can change radically towards a stranger. As pet owners we have responsibilities and failure to abide by those responsibilities can … Continue reading

Principals and Agents

Most people are too busy to do everything themselves or do not have the expertise to carry out a certain act. They obtain the assistance of others to help out. There is an entire body of law dealing with the … Continue reading

The Power of trust law

Trusts can be imposed in a number of ways. For example they may be imposed by statute. An example would be the trust imposed under the Construction Lien Act on contractors for the benefit of subcontractors and suppliers to an improvement … Continue reading

Pleadings in Superior Court Proceedings

Pleadings in Superior Court Civil proceedings are akin to a foundation for a building. They set out the foundation for your legal case. If the foundation is not prepared properly , problems will arise down the road. Pleadings will usually contain more … Continue reading

Humiliating treatment in the workplace

An employer has a responsibility to ensure its workplace remains suitable for the continued employment of its existing staff. This means that if other employees are constantly bullying or harassing other employees, by conduct or by inappropriate and offensive comments, the … Continue reading

Criminal Sentencing

A key provision of the Criminal Code of Canada regarding sentencing is section 718. The purpose and principles of sentencing is defined in section 718 as the maintenance of a just, peaceful and safe society by the imposition of sanctions … Continue reading

Preventive Law

In the typical case, a client may retain a litigation firm to deal with a problem/dispute that has arisen. The law firm will take litigation procedures to try to resolve the problem in the most cost efficient, speedy manner possible. … Continue reading


Confidentiality is a very important part of the solicitor client relationship. It is so important that there is a Rule of Professional Conduct for lawyers which indicates that a lawyer at all times shall hold in strict confidence all information … Continue reading